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Add Plugins in WordPress :

add plugins in WordPress :   Hi readers, today we come up with the new tutorial on how to add plugins in WordPress. We start with the brief description about what is plugin then move to you the Step-by-Step Guide on how to add Plugins in WordPress which is not very helpful for beginners to start and work with plugins.

Brief Description of Plugins :

In Computing, Plugins is a software component which simply add new features to your computer programs.

Plugins allow number of features like add a gallery, slide show, registration form etc. to WordPress which makes the task easy and simple.

In WordPress, there are number of plugins available online or offline through which we can add features to your site.

Plugins are easily handle and customise as per need.


Step-By-Step Guide on how to add plugins in your WordPress :

Step 1:

Click on Plugins from the left-side menu and then click on Add New options to add new plugins. 


Step 2:  

After Click on Add new Plugins a number of plugins will displayed select from the list otherwise go to the search box and search the desired plugins. For Example here we need a slider to add in our site so we type slider in the search box then the number of available slider will displayed. Then simply Choose from the available slider.

add plugins in wordPress

Step 3:

Click on Install button to install the selected slider. Here in the screenshot the selected slider is installing.

Step 4:

Once installation complete then activate the slider by clicking on Activate button.

Step 5:

After Plugins are activated you can see your plugins on the left-side menu and go directly to that plugins and edit as per your need 

add plugins in WordPress

Step 6:

Copy the shortcode of your plugins from the detail view of Plugins and paste into the desired location where we want to add slider in our site.

add plugins in WordPress

For example, here we want to add slider after the menu bar in the home page so we add the code at the end of  navigation menu bar in the header.php file.

Appearance =>Editor => header.php 

add plugins in wordpress

Step 7:

Paste the shortcode at the end of header.php file and then click on Update File button to update the file.

add plugins in wordpress

You are almost done with adding new plugins i.e slider in your site.

I hope You would like this tutorial on how to add plugins in WordPress !

Adding Navigation menu in WordPress :

navigation menu in WordPress:  Hi readers, today in this tutorial we are coming up with the new concept of how we can create a navigation menu in WordPress. Here in this tutorial first before creating menus we will discuss how we can add pages in WordPress. As Adding Pages is one of the important tasks in WordPress. Further, we start with adding new menus and later on we will also explain how to set up multilevel menus or simply called as Drop down menus. 

Do let’s begin with How we can add pages in WordPress?

Step 1:  

Click on Pages option from the Left-side menu.

Step 2 :

From Pages either click on All pages and then Add New button to add a number of pages.

or simply click on Add New option which will move you to the new page as soon as possible where you can write your desired page title and then publish them.

Lets begin the ” tutorial on navigation menu in WordPress” !

Step 1 : 

Click on Appearance from the left side menu and click on Menus option to add a new menu.

Step 2:

After Clicking on add new menu options then there are three ways to add a list to the new menus.

  1. Pages   
  2. Custom Links
  3. Categories

From the Pages option simply check the box which pages you want to add to your menu and then click on Add to menu button available.

From the Custom Link option simply add links eg. to the URL field and Link text like “google” and then Add to Menu options to add into your menus.

From the Categories option simply we create a categorised list of options and also add it to menu. 

Step 3 :

To create the drop down menu simply click and drag items and put inside another list in which you want to create the drop down menu.

navigation menu in WordPress

                                                                                             Navigation Menu in WordPress


Here below you can see that the red outlined rectangle shows that the Group is the sub-item of Gallery list by simply click, drag and then indent it to the right position 

Step 4:

At last after doing all the previous step Check the box to create your menu as a Primary menu.

Then finally save the menu on clicking on Save Menu button


I hope You would like this tutorial on how to set up a new navigation menu in WordPress!


  1. Change WordPress Theme :

change WordPress Theme :  Hi readers, today we are coming with an interesting topic on how to change WordPress Theme. Here in this tutorial we will provide you short description about WordPress as you must have knowledge about WordPress and then the step-by-step guide on how to change WordPress theme and also customise your site to provide the good look and feel to the users or website programmers.

In case if you have not installed WordPress yet then install it by going through Step-By-Step guide how to install WordPress. Then Proceed further to this tutorial on how to change WordPress theme !

Brief Description of  WordPress :

WordPress is free and open which comes with thousands of plugins and extensions to make a beautiful website.

WordPress is also known as CMS (Content Management System)  and  not only used for blog writing purpose but also make a website from personal to small and big enterprise.

WordPress is extremely flexible and extensible.

Step-By-Step Guide to change WordPress Theme :

Step 1 :

Click on Appearance and select Themes to change or customise.


Step 2 :

After selecting theme from the left side menu then Manage theme Page will list you a number of available themes offline as well as online. If themes were not shown then click on Add new Theme to list it.

change WordPress Theme


Step 3 :

Select the desired theme by simply clicking on preview button available on each theme from various different themes available on WordPress as per need.

Step 4 :

After selecting install that theme using Install button available on each theme and then Activate that theme to make activated on your WordPress.

change WordPress Theme


Step 5 : 

After Activating your desired theme then Customise option is displayed in the rightmost corner side that allows you to customise your theme.



I hope You would Like this tutorial on how to change WordPress Theme !

Increase Speed Of Website
Increase Speed Of Website

Increase Speed Of Website

Increase Speed Of Website: -As we know that nowadays fast loading speed of website on the browser is very important.If you want to increase the traffic of user and want to give the user a very user-friendly website than the speed of website matter it most.Website speed performance also matters in ranking on search engine.

To increase  speed of website then please follow following instruction step by step wise.To check the speed of your website please use the following links

Website Speed Test


Tips to Increase Speed Of Website

Below are step to increase the normal website and if you have website built on wordpress then use following plugins that will help to improve performance and increase speed of website.

  • WP Smush
  • W3 Total Cache


CSS file: –  While making website try to put all code in single CSS file that is also called extestylesheet.eet .Always follow w3 standards while making website .Never use inline CSS and internal css in website always do css in external stylesheet file.Use css in the behalf of images if possible .


Javasc ript:- Always use css file on the top and JavaScript code on the last section of page.By doing this it allows browser to smoothly  load website.


Optimise database:-Optimise database and indexing the table of databse also helps to Increase Speed Of Website .


Web Hosting : –  Buy  hosting  for your website from fast speed hosting company  like Godaddy, Bluehost, Bigrock.If your are targeting national audience only then try to take the server from that location.

Suppose i have maximum users from india then i should purchase sever from india location as it reduces the latency time of website.


Broken Links : –Dont use broken link in website .Broken link means here is that link which is given in website but resources or file are not available.Dont use blank hyperlink and img src tag.


Optimized Images : – Always use optimized images means image with size low.Don’t use large images for the website as it takes a time to load on browser.Always use images with right specification .Dont use large images of size 2000 width pix and customize in html href tag.

<img src ="increasewebsitespeed.jpg" width="505" height="202" >

Remove Garbage : – Remove unnecessary code from a file, Which are not using in coding .Try to keep code clean and do proper indentation and never use so much space and line breaks .Remove duplicate code from file also.


Avoid Redirect : – If you have a web application and user doing certain process on single page then at this condition avoid of redirect element instead of this use ajax to handle this.


Enable Compression Of file: –For downloading resources of website like pdf, docs,mp3 then we should use GZIP Compression .There are many chunks of script are  available which converts your downloading file to gzip extension and it increases downloading speed.


Reduce Server Response Time : -By using below   link , you  can check all the resources of home page .Which are taking larger response time like if css file giving much more time to response back then optimize the  css code.

Website Speed Test


To Increase Speed Of Website .You have to follow all above points and you will get a result