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Enamel Dental Clinic in Varanasi 

Dental clinic in Varanasi


Enamel Dental Clinic is one of the leading and best dental clinic in Varanasi near Sigra, Mahmoorganj.

“Doctors that love to create beautiful smiles” is the tagline of Doctor’s Team of Enamel Dental Clinic.

Enamel is an advanced dental and cosmetic clinic, where the team of dentists loves what they do in fact they work together as a team to aspire beautifully designed smile and teeth.

In addition, this dental clinic is a place where work, beauty, health, and life are integrated equally for one’s well being physically as well as mentally.

Furthermore, the main objectives of the dentists who work with enamel to treat patients honestly with treatment that is affordable, advanced and pain-free.

Dr. Aratee is the primary Dental surgeon at Enamel. Besides her there are also many specialists and MDS and BDS is working as a team at Enamel.

Services Offered by Enamel Dental Clinic:

1) Dental Implant

2) Cosmetic Dentistry

3) Orthodontic Dentistry

4) Teeth Whitening

5) Children Dentistry

6) Sedation Dentistry

7) Root Canal Treatment

8) Scaling and Polishing

Besides all of the above services, BRIDAL DENTISTRY is also started by enamel which seems like cosmetic Dentistry. One can visit the site to see the details of all other services including this new one.

Doctor’s Team

MDS Team:

Dr. Aratee (Primary Dental Surgeon)

Dr. Radha Katiyar (Orthodontists)

Dr. Saurav Wahi (Periodontists)

Dr. A. Singh (Oral Surgeon)

Dr. K. Gautam (Pedodontist)

Dr. B. Pratap (Orthodontist)

BDS Team:

Dr. Roopsy Arora

Dr. Amita Singh

Dr. Nootan Singh

Dr. Pranaya Garg

Dr. Manisha Upadhyay

Skin Specialist:

Dr. Vinit Yadav

Bone Specialist:

Dr. Tulika Rai

Nutritionist Specialist:

Dr. Anamika Nigam


 Full Address of Enamel Dental Clinic:

D-63/6b, 1bc, Sivaji Nagar Colony,

Mahmoorganj, Varanasi – 221010

E-mail:        ,


Mobile Number:     9721099390, 9889776777

Landline Number:   0542-2224266

 ENAMEL Dental clinic in Varanasi