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Define PHP

Define Php:- First of all, one should know that PHP is one of the most Powerful tools for developing a web application and dynamic website A well as it is generally known as the server-side scripting language. It is scripting language which always executes on server side

Official Website of Php Language:-


Php is Open source platform language which is used most widely nowadays. Open Source Language means free to download i.e. not a commercial language where you have to pay for downloading it. If you have core knowledge about PHP and if you found any bug in libraries of PHP you can also debug that bug that’s why it is called Open Source.

Use of PHP

Php is the most popular language and alternatives of many other same platform languages like JSP, ASP, etc.I would like to tell you that “Facebook” one of the popular social sites is also built on PHP. Not only Social Site, Php also provides powerful and most stable blogging tools.Which is now get very popular and known as “WordPress”

WordPress is open source Blogging tool and Content Management System tool which are built using PHP.

Php is an HTML Embedded scripting language it means that you can program HTML language in PHP file. All the File of PHP always saves in the .php file extension.

<!DOCTYPE html> 

 <?php  echo "Mindtrickpages first blog!";   ?>   // php code

In above example,  you can see that embedded HTML code within PHP File.

Performance of PHP

It is one of the fastest running Scripting languages.Website built on PHP are very fast as compared to other Scripting Language website.

To Learn php You should have knowledge about following points:-


CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

JavaScript Language

Php Code


Php can be connected to any database available in the market like Oracle, MySQL Server, IBM Db2, PostgreSQL, and MySQL as well. In fact, MySQL is more compatible as compared to any other database with PHP language.


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