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 Difference between big data and data mining?

difference between Big Data and Data Mining:- Hi readers, Big Data and Data Mining is part of Machine Learning. As you know machine learning work on like artificial intelligence. Both are different things in but both of them relate to use of large data set to handle, collection or reporting of data that helps in business, research n other prospective.

Big Data :- bigdata set relates to large(structured and unstructured) and very simple database. Database structure and architecture are very old version even database  records are not organised properly.These types of database are very expensive and less feasible.To find particular record in big data is impossible even no way to organised or filter data .

  • Big Data Sources: operational and functional systems, machine logs and sensors, Web and social and many other sources
  • Big Data Platforms, Warehouses and Discovery Platforms: that enable the capture and management of huge data, and then – critically – its conversion into customer insights and, ultimately, action
  • Big Data Analytics Tools : the “front end” used by Main executives, analysts, managers and others to access customer insights, models scenarios and otherwise do their jobs and manage the business.

For Example :- data sets in MS Excel are in very large quantity and exceeded its limit are also called big data

difference between Big Data and Data Mining

Machine Learning :- Machine learning is a practice in network technology which concerns the structure and development of algorithms that permits the systems to constitute the evolution of behaviors based on empirical data sets, such as sensor data compiled from network traffic. The main concern of machine learning research analysis is to automatically learn to to recognize complex patterns and make intelligent and reasonable decisions based on large data sets.

Means to classify data and to find particular data in large data sets machine learning techniques like programs or pattern matching  are used .

Big data is like a resources and data mining is the “main handler” of that is used to provide search oriented results.

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