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Increase Speed Of Website
Increase Speed Of Website

Increase Speed Of Website

Increase Speed Of Website: -As we know that nowadays fast loading speed of website on the browser is very important.If you want to increase the traffic of user and want to give the user a very user-friendly website than the speed of website matter it most.Website speed performance also matters in ranking on search engine.

To increase  speed of website then please follow following instruction step by step wise.To check the speed of your website please use the following links

Website Speed Test


Tips to Increase Speed Of Website

Below are step to increase the normal website and if you have website built on wordpress then use following plugins that will help to improve performance and increase speed of website.

  • WP Smush
  • W3 Total Cache


CSS file: –  While making website try to put all code in single CSS file that is also called extestylesheet.eet .Always follow w3 standards while making website .Never use inline CSS and internal css in website always do css in external stylesheet file.Use css in the behalf of images if possible .


Javasc ript:- Always use css file on the top and JavaScript code on the last section of page.By doing this it allows browser to smoothly  load website.


Optimise database:-Optimise database and indexing the table of databse also helps to Increase Speed Of Website .


Web Hosting : –  Buy  hosting  for your website from fast speed hosting company  like Godaddy, Bluehost, Bigrock.If your are targeting national audience only then try to take the server from that location.

Suppose i have maximum users from india then i should purchase sever from india location as it reduces the latency time of website.


Broken Links : –Dont use broken link in website .Broken link means here is that link which is given in website but resources or file are not available.Dont use blank hyperlink and img src tag.


Optimized Images : – Always use optimized images means image with size low.Don’t use large images for the website as it takes a time to load on browser.Always use images with right specification .Dont use large images of size 2000 width pix and customize in html href tag.

<img src ="increasewebsitespeed.jpg" width="505" height="202" >

Remove Garbage : – Remove unnecessary code from a file, Which are not using in coding .Try to keep code clean and do proper indentation and never use so much space and line breaks .Remove duplicate code from file also.


Avoid Redirect : – If you have a web application and user doing certain process on single page then at this condition avoid of redirect element instead of this use ajax to handle this.


Enable Compression Of file: –For downloading resources of website like pdf, docs,mp3 then we should use GZIP Compression .There are many chunks of script are  available which converts your downloading file to gzip extension and it increases downloading speed.


Reduce Server Response Time : -By using below   link , you  can check all the resources of home page .Which are taking larger response time like if css file giving much more time to response back then optimize the  css code.

Website Speed Test


To Increase Speed Of Website .You have to follow all above points and you will get a result

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