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JSON Comments

JSON Comments


JSON Comments

JSON Comments:  Hi readers in this JSON tutorial we have explained the JSON Comments. As we know Comments are one of the most important concepts in any programming language. Comments one not only beneficial for beginners to understand the programming code but also it helps the professionals to keep records of what logic is used to the code so he/she even can starts coding after a long time from where he/she left out.

In Short, Comments are added to make the code easier and more understandable for human beings which are generally ignored by Compilers, Interpreter, and Web Browsers.

JSON Comment: 

Comments are strictly not supported by JSON.

But However we can give the comments in JSON by some tricky method to fulfill our basic needs.
Here is the simple example through which we can understand adding comments in JSON:
 "studentName": "Vikash Lal",
 "age" : 24,
 "Comments" : "Good Student"

Here in the above example, we can consider the “Comments” attribute as Comments in JSON.

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