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MCQ on Computer Network
MCQ on Computer Network

MCQ on Computer Network SET-2

MCQ on Computer Network -Hi Readers, In this tutorial, we will discuss MCQ on Computer Network. Every MCQ of the computer network has 4 relative answers and the correct answer is bold.

List of MCQ on Computer Network

Here we have all important type of MCQ on Computer Network.This type of question can be asked in exams like SSC, banking, railways and other technical jobs.


1. The class-based addressing is also known as

A. Modern Model
B. Classful Model
C. Classless Model
D. Heterogeneous Model


2. Which of the following is correct in VLSM?

A. Can have subnets of different sizes
B. Subnets must be in the same size 
C. No required of subnet
D. All of above


3. What is the IP Address range of Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA)?


A. to
B. to
C. to
D. to



4. What does the port number in a TCP connection specify?

A. It only  specifies the communication process on the two end systems
B. It specifies the quality of the data & connection
C. It specify the size of data
D. All of the above


5. Which of the following is correct in CIDR(Classless Inter-Domain Routing is a method for allocating IP addresses and IP routing.)?

A. Class A includes Class B network
B. There are only two networks
C. There are high & low-class network
D. There is no concept of class A, B, C networks


6. What is the size of Source and Destination IP address in IP header?

A. 4 bits
B. 8 bits
C. 16 bits
D. 32 bits


7. Which of the following is reliable communication in Computer Network?

D. All of them


8. What is the typical range of Ephemeral ports(  ports used by the operating system)?

A. 1 to 80
B. 1 to 1024
C. 80 to 8080
D. 1024 to 65535



9. What is the main work of the PSH flag in the TCP header?

A. Typically used to indicate end of message
B. Typically used to indicate beginning of message
C. Typically used to push the message
D. Typically used to indicate stop the message


10. What is the natural mask for a class C Network?



I Hope you would like this topic on MCQ on Computer Network

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