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Adding Navigation menu in WordPress :

navigation menu in WordPress:  Hi readers, today in this tutorial we are coming up with the new concept of how we can create a navigation menu in WordPress. Here in this tutorial first before creating menus we will discuss how we can add pages in WordPress. As Adding Pages is one of the important tasks in WordPress. Further, we start with adding new menus and later on we will also explain how to set up multilevel menus or simply called as Drop down menus. 

Do let’s begin with How we can add pages in WordPress?

Step 1:  

Click on Pages option from the Left-side menu.

Step 2 :

From Pages either click on All pages and then Add New button to add a number of pages.

or simply click on Add New option which will move you to the new page as soon as possible where you can write your desired page title and then publish them.

Lets begin the ” tutorial on navigation menu in WordPress” !

Step 1 : 

Click on Appearance from the left side menu and click on Menus option to add a new menu.

Step 2:

After Clicking on add new menu options then there are three ways to add a list to the new menus.

  1. Pages   
  2. Custom Links
  3. Categories

From the Pages option simply check the box which pages you want to add to your menu and then click on Add to menu button available.

From the Custom Link option simply add links eg. to the URL field and Link text like “google” and then Add to Menu options to add into your menus.

From the Categories option simply we create a categorised list of options and also add it to menu. 

Step 3 :

To create the drop down menu simply click and drag items and put inside another list in which you want to create the drop down menu.

navigation menu in WordPress

                                                                                             Navigation Menu in WordPress


Here below you can see that the red outlined rectangle shows that the Group is the sub-item of Gallery list by simply click, drag and then indent it to the right position 

Step 4:

At last after doing all the previous step Check the box to create your menu as a Primary menu.

Then finally save the menu on clicking on Save Menu button


I hope You would like this tutorial on how to set up a new navigation menu in WordPress!


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