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Industrial Training Project in PHP

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 Hi Readers, We provide ready-made or on-demand project for school and college students.

 PHP is most popular recently in use server-side web programming language. Nowadays it is widely used for creating websites and web applications by IT companies.

 It is widely used due to the following features :

  • largest open source community
  • simplicity,
  • and high performance.

Here this training is all about to trained student with perfect knowledge of PHP as well as prepare them for IT Industries

Industrial Training Project in PHP includes the following:

  1. PHP Basic
  2. Core PHP
  3. Advanced PHP
  4. Ajax
  5. Open Source Frameworks & CMS
  6. CodeIgniter
  7. Zend Framework
  8. WordPress,
  9. Joomla,
  10. Magento,
  11. Drupal etc


 Six Months Industrial Training  Project Based

 6 months industrial training in PHP is a must for all modern  aspiring web developers. Techieflair  has a great Team of PHP experts who guide students on the latest PHP Development .They work on live PHP scenarios; understand how scripts are written for a corporate function; and become more confident about web development tasks. This is a project-based training, completing which gives students both a training-completion and project-execution certification.

A general understanding about PHP states that it is the most commonly known and used server-side open-source scripting language. It is used to power both websites and blogs; and can also be embedded into HTML.

Candidates  attending this 6 months training are introduced to the various language constructor concepts, such as constants & variables and PHP data types. Participants additionally develop expertise in terminologies related to the types of operators; associative, indexed & mixed array declaration; file handling; and MySQL tasks.

6 months industrial training in PHP(Topics)

  • PHP Introduction
  • MVC Framework basic(Codeigniter)
  • WordPress
  • Language Constructors
  • Loops
    • Operators
  • String Declaration
    • Arrays
  • File Handling
  • Functions
  • Types of Errors
  • MySQL
  • Session
  • Cookies
  • Object Oriented Concepts in PHP
  • Working with Regular Expressions
  • Working with XML
  • Communicating with Internet Services
  • Java Script
  • Designing