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What Is JSON?

What is JSON?: This tutorial begins with the Introduction of JSON in detail. Some of the features of JSON is also explained in this JSON tutorial.


Here we have started JSON Tutorial with simple Question What is JSON ?

JSON is lightweight data interchange format that means it is basically used to exchange data over servers.

JSON is open standard and originated from JavaScript.

JSON is a JavaScript Object Notation i.e it is a subset of JavaScript Programming Language.

JSON is Language Independent i.e, can be used with any Programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, PHP, Perl, etc.

JSON is a simple text stored in a Key-Value Pair which is in human readable format (easy to understand)

JSON supports data structures such as array and objects.


Features of JSON:

(1)  Simplicity           :    JSON is very simple to use. We can easily read and write JSON data in a Key and Value Pair format.

(2)  Self-Describing  :    JSON itself  describe the content 

(3)  Openness           :   JSON is open standard 

(3)  Extensibilty        :  JSON is extensible.

(4)  Interoperability  :  JSON supports all type of browsers and even all type of Programming Languages.


JSON Data is stored in Key/Value Pair.

Key:                     A Key in JSON is a field name in string format always enclosed in quotation marks(“”).

Value:                  Value is something like the values of key(or any Field) which can be Sting, Integer, Boolean, Object or an Array.

Key-Value Pair:    It follows a specific Syntax to store Value i.e. Key followed by a colon(:) and then followed by the Value.

                           Key-Value Pairs are Comma Separated(,) .For Example:

     { "StudentId":   "STU0012",
       "name":        "Vikash Agrawall"


I hope you would like this topic on What is JSON

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